Thursday, May 16, 2013

Idol Winners of Mixed Heritage

Tonight, American Idol will crown a new winner. More than 40 countries have their own version of the competition.

Below are winners of Idol TV shows around the world. Each of them are of mixed-race descent and/or upbringing, a reminder that music exists in every culture.

Guy Sebastian - Australian Idol, 2003
White (Portuguese and English) and Sri Lankan

Taufik Batisah - Singapore Idol, 2004
Indian and Indonesian

Ben Lummis - NZ Idol, 2004
White (New Zealander), Maori, and Tongan

Melissa O'Neil - Canadian Idol, 2005
White (Canadian) and Chinese

Jorun Stiansen - Idol (Norway), 2005
Transracial adoptee: Colombian raised by Norwegian (White) parents

Eva Avila - Canadian Idol, 2006
White (French Canadian) and Peruvian

Mau Marcelo - Philippine Idol, 2006
Puerto Rican (White and Black) and Filipino

Matthew Saunoa - NZ Idol, 2006
White (English) and Samoan

Jordin Sparks - American Idol, 2007
Black (American) and White (American)

Mark Medlock - Deutschland sucht den Superstar (Germany), 2007
Black (American) and White (German)

Diandra Flores - Idols (Finland), 2012
White (Finnish) and Chilean

Sophie-Tith Charvet - Nouvelle Star (France), 2013
White (French) and Laotian