Sunday, July 16, 2006


I suppose I should introduce myself here. But I think I'd rather introduce the blog.

So...with this blog, I plan to write out random observations I have about race, ethnicity, and other related issues. If you're wondering about the title, Race Shall Slur, it's a play on words (obviously) and I'm using the word "slur" to mean "become unclear" or "become indistinct" rather than "to insult". And what "race shall slur" means, is that the concept of racial identity will become more complicated (and slurred) in the future. This is already happening through the growing presence of people who belong to 2 or more ethnicities.

One reason I started this blog is because I am TIRED of people assuming that all human beings belong to only one ethnicity. Whenever you hear people talking about race, it's almost always under the assumption that nobody is multiracial, and that everybody only has one ethnicity in their heritage. A really good example is the golfer Tiger Woods. I bet you think he's Black. Well, he's actually only 1/4 Black, and not only that, but most of his heritage is Asian. But since he LOOKS Black, people just call him Black. Most people think he's just African-American and NO OTHER RACE, and it's assumptions like this that annoy me.

Also, if you are reading this, I am impressed. Blogspot has millions of accounts, so I'm actually wondering if anyone will ever read this. If you do read this, please leave a comment! (You don't have to say something about race, you can just say "hi" or something!)


Liesl Karuna from WA said...

Hey, Good job, on the blog!

You should blog a day in your, really you should!

Oh, good call on the EA Spelling Bee contestant.


Cristobal said...

Hey thanks!

And as for a blog about my life, I might consider doing that when more people start reading this one. I figured they'd be more interested about me if they're interested in what I write here.