Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Banned from a forum

Today I was banned from an online discussion board. I had been a member there almost 3 years, and without warning, my account was locked and I was told to leave forever. When I say I was banned "without warning," I mean, I was never told that I was close to being banned, it just happened out of nowhere.

If you're reading this, you're probably a member of that forum, because I put a link to this blog in my profile when I was still a member there.

And this blog is slightly related to the forum because it was an online community for mixed-race people.

I was thinking that some of you members on that forum might visit me here. So I just wanted to write this to acknowledge you. I haven't forgotten you.


Anonymous said...


TheSteelGeneral said...

weird fascination? I disagree. Race is the single most important factor of american societal relations today.
It's an uncomfortable subject for blacks or latinos, because it's a constant reminder that they are on the bottom of the food chain.
Most of us would rather like to ignore that it exists.

Anonymous said...

Was this from Movie Reels, because if so I know you!