Friday, October 07, 2011

Mixed-race people on "Prison Break"

The TV show "Prison Break" is one of the few series that stars a mixed-race person.

After watching every episode, I realized the lead actor wasn't the only one who's mixed.

Wentworth Miller

He plays the main character Michael Scofield. Miller was born in England and grew up in the US. His dad is mixed Black/White and his mother is mixed White & Middle Eastern (Syrian and Lebanese).

"My father is black and my mother is white. Therefore, I could answer to either, which kind of makes me a racial Lone Ranger, caught between two communities."

Callie Thorne

She is mixed British, Assyrian, Italian, Armenian, and Portuguese. She portrays the ex-wife of federal agent Alex Mahone.

Demi Lovato

Before she was popular as a singer, she was in the season 2 episode "First Down". Her heritage is mixed Irish, Mexican, and Italian.

Reggie Lee

He was born in the Philippines, grew up in Ohio, and is mixed Chinese and Filipino. His character is agent Bill Kim in season 2.

Holly Valance

She portrays a Czech immigrant (who gets mistaken for Russian) in seasons 1 & 2. Her mother is from England, her dad is from Yugoslavia, and she was born and raised in Australia.

James Hiroyuki Liao

Like his name suggests, he's half Japanese and half Taiwanese. Like his accent on the show suggests, he's from New York. He plays the hacker guy Roland Glenn in season 4.

Camille Guaty

Her role is Sucre's girlfriend Maricruz. Her family is from the Canary Islands, which is off the coast of Morocco but is owned by Spain. She's mixed Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Spanish.

This is the second time I made a list of multiracials on a TV series. Maybe I should watch more TV and write more lists like this.

Though most of the shows I've watched don't have enough mixed people for me to make a list. Do you know any shows with mixed people?


Anonymous said...

It seems to me (imho) that most people get the terms RACE, NATIONALITY, & ETHNICITY mixed up. Most even believe these 3 terms are interchangeable.
According to the data I learned from the Anthropology & Sociology courses I took in college, they CANNOT be interchangeable because they dont mean the same thing.
According to Anthropologists, there are only 4 -FOUR- races on the planet. So-called mixed people, such as Mexicans, Filipinos or Asian-Pacific Islanders are not viewed as separate races because Anthropologists classify humans solely by their BONES - not skin, hair or eye color. The 4 races are: Caucasian (NOT "WHITE!"), Negroid, Mongoloid, Australoid. I'll use Callie (Caliope-Greek origin) as an example because her diversity is so unique. ( It is difficult not knowing "WHAT" came from which parent.) The sum total of her numerous ancestry/heritage makes her just ONE - 1 - race: Caucasian. All of the heritages listed are ETHNICITIES - NOT RACES. Contrary to popular belief, the Caucasian race is EXTREMELY diverse regarding skin color, not to mention eye & hair color & even hair texture. I dont know where Ms. Thorne was born, so I will assume she is American. Callie's nationality would therefore be American. Her race is Caucasian. Her ethnicity is "mixed" or "multi-ethnic." Because ethnic identity is highly personal, it is up to Ms. Thorne to divulge which-if any- group or groups she identifies with. Shakira is another person of diverse & interesting background. Her father is Lebanese (dont know if he's Catholic or Muslim) & Macedonian. Her mother is Italian, Catalonian & Spaniard. Shakira was born in Colombia & identifies herself as 100% Colombiana - & a loyal, patriotic one at that. Her nationality is: Colombian. Her race is Caucasian. Her ethnicity can be listed several ways - including Colombian! She is part Middle Eastern, part Latin, part Hispanic. Contrary to public opinion, Hispanic is NOT a race. If you are an Hispanic American- check your birth certificate. For RACE it will say WHITE (an extremely erroneous term) & if there is a listing for an Ethnicity (added in the late 70's due to the ethnic/racial pride movements that began in the 60's) it may list you as: Mexican-American, Latin American or Spanish American. The term Hispanic was only recently added. As for me: my father's side is mainly Swiss. My mother's side is Puerto Rican, Cuban, Cherokee. Iwas born in the States, so my Nationality is American. I like to refer to myself as a Hispanic-Germanic. Who do I most identify with? All my life Ive gone back & forth between Cuban & PR. Depends on what/who Im around. I say: ¡VIVA LA DIVERSIDAD!

Anonymous said...

One more thing... IMHO... I think the title of you blog page would be better served as "RACE SHALL BLUR" instead of "shall slur." To "SLUR" actually means: to bad-mouth, insult, speak badly of, insult, malign, slander, disrespect. Im sure you've heard of the expression "racial SLURS." The subject of your blog is the actual BLURRING OR BLENDING OF EITHER RACE OR ETHNICITY VIA "CROSS- OR -INTERMARRIAGE." Again, this is just a thought & how i see things from my perspective.

Anonymous said...

Corrections: Callie Thorne has her own show now in its THIRD SEASON on USA called Necessary Roughness. Holly Valance is also of SPANISH descent via one set of grandparents. Her father is Serbian (people from the former country of *Yugoslavia are KNOWN for their "dark olive" skin) & her legal last name is Vakudinovic. Her mother is ethnically & nationally British BUT MAY ALSO BE HALF Spaniard. It may be her mum's parents who are Spanish. To read specifically about her: . Also: JACQUELINE PIÑOL is half GUATEMALTECA & COLOMBIANA. She was born in New York, raised in LA. That makes her an Hispanic American. www.jacquelinepiñ . CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE IN GENERAL - - ITS VERY INFORMATIVE. If URL is wrong, just google "ethnicelebs." Im signing off for now!
* Yugoslavia has returned to being what it once was: Serbia (Orthodox Christian), Croatia (Roman Catholic Christian), Bosnian (Muslim), Macedonia - admit i need to research)

lee woo said...

Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken. See the link below for more info.